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Great game with good exploration mechanics.

I don't know if you're bothering with updates, but there is a game crashing bug where more often than not, when hitting an eel with my speargun the game will freeze before booting me back to my desktop.

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm glad to say that I have just uploaded an update to Diver (v2.0) which fixes stability issues, most notably: shooting electric eels will no longer cause a crash to desktop. Thanks so much for encouraging me to finally finding a fix for this. :)

for what OS is this ? please have Linus support...

Wow, I am so sorry, I don't know how I missed your comment for so long...

The game is for Windows only at the moment as I don't own a linux machine to test it on, plus I don't know much about linux to be confident as to its stability.

Sorry for my ignorance and again for not noticing your comment.

best regards,


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Update notes :

16.06.15 - - Fixed a minor bug.

17.09.15 - - Fixed minor air supply bug.

18.09.15 - - Fixed a major crash on startup bug.

18.09,15 - - Fixed the only desktop resolution allowed bug.

18.09.15 - - Fixed grey screen bug on med & low settings.

19.09.15 - - Fixed some control issues.

21.09.15 - - Fixed a rare treasure bug.

21.09.15 - - Temp fix for mouse sensitivity settings not saving.

Will now save settings permanently after you exit introduction (2nd) map. Working on it.

21.09.15 - - Fixed mouse sensitivity settings saving bug. \o/

22.09.15 - - Fixed some minor in-game text errors.

22.09.15 - - Fixed traceline texture id & floating fishbone issues.

24.09.15 - - Fixed a reward not showing up.

27.09.15 - - Added scoreboard/objectives info & more help text.

30.09.15 - - Added (currently owned) air supply indicator onto

(TAB) scoreboard and also increased stamina on dry land, so you can run longer.

29.07.21 - Diver_v2.7z/exe/zip - Fixed stability issues, most notably: shooting an electric eel with your spear or harpoon gun won't cause a crash to desktop.