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Take a plunge beneath the surface to discover a wondrous underwater world. Hunt fish and collect loot while avoiding predators and other dangers. Think you can find the treasure? First you will need the key...


Experienced diver

(Or anyone who can swim. In fact you don't need to be able to swim. If you can paddle, that's enough. Did I say paddle? I mean, just be able to follow instructions. Or just listen. Or at least pretend to listen.)

Needed for various tasks (life insurance not inc.), prepared to work in dangerous conditions, confined spaces, darkness, lightness, deepness and be able to fish and avoid BIG fish will be viewed favourably. Waterproof, Tardis-like backpack and CB radio will be supplied, so don't lose them. They cost a bit you know, not cheap. Well, actually quite cheap. The cheapest ones on the market but hey, better than a plastic bag and a bit of string.

Features :

  • 8 (count them), yes 8 glorious maps.
  • 13 amazing achievements.
  • Lots of yummy fish types.
  • Many deadly predators.
  • Loot!
  • A shop, that sells things.
  • A shopkeeper, who can murder you.
  • Too many unlockable cheats.
  • New game + mode.
  • Different difficulty levels with an unlockable, customisable one.
  • Graphics! Sounds! and the magic that makes everything move!

Diver is brought to you by the misguided people of team F&L, which includes :

Adam Freeman - Bricklayer

Jason Love - Scientist

Cooper Jones - Whistler

Please consider checking out more awesome music from Cooper Jones on Soundcloud.

Go on, click download, and dive right in...

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAdam Freeman
Tags3D, diving, Hand-drawn, Singleplayer, underwater


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Development log


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Great game with good exploration mechanics.

I don't know if you're bothering with updates, but there is a game crashing bug where more often than not, when hitting an eel with my speargun the game will freeze before booting me back to my desktop.

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm glad to say that I have just uploaded an update to Diver (v2.0) which fixes stability issues, most notably: shooting electric eels will no longer cause a crash to desktop. Thanks so much for encouraging me to finally finding a fix for this. :)

for what OS is this ? please have Linus support...

Wow, I am so sorry, I don't know how I missed your comment for so long...

The game is for Windows only at the moment as I don't own a linux machine to test it on, plus I don't know much about linux to be confident as to its stability.

Sorry for my ignorance and again for not noticing your comment.

best regards,


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Update notes :

16.06.15 - Diver_v1_1.zip - Fixed a minor bug.

17.09.15 - Diver_v1_2.zip - Fixed minor air supply bug.

18.09.15 - Diver_v1_3.zip - Fixed a major crash on startup bug.

18.09,15 - Diver_v1_3b.zip - Fixed the only desktop resolution allowed bug.

18.09.15 - Diver_v1_3c.zip - Fixed grey screen bug on med & low settings.

19.09.15 - Diver_v1_4.zip - Fixed some control issues.

21.09.15 - Diver_v1_5.zip - Fixed a rare treasure bug.

21.09.15 - Diver_v1_5b.zip - Temp fix for mouse sensitivity settings not saving.

Will now save settings permanently after you exit introduction (2nd) map. Working on it.

21.09.15 - Diver_v1_5c.zip - Fixed mouse sensitivity settings saving bug. \o/

22.09.15 - Diver_v1_6.zip - Fixed some minor in-game text errors.

22.09.15 - Diver_v1_6b.zip - Fixed traceline texture id & floating fishbone issues.

24.09.15 - Diver_v1_7.zip - Fixed a reward not showing up.

27.09.15 - Diver_v1_8.zip - Added scoreboard/objectives info & more help text.

30.09.15 - Diver_v1_9.zip - Added (currently owned) air supply indicator onto

(TAB) scoreboard and also increased stamina on dry land, so you can run longer.

29.07.21 - Diver_v2.7z/exe/zip - Fixed stability issues, most notably: shooting an electric eel with your spear or harpoon gun won't cause a crash to desktop.