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Great concept and combo of Tron and Berzerk, nice edgy soundtrack. Are you developing this further?


That was the plan! Originally I made three games with the idea of expanding on one of them.

RunOver was my first, Hazard was my second and Diver was my third.

Then I started a fourth one...   And I have tried out a few concepts but nothing has really stuck.

I am starting to think that remaking Hazard or even just moving onto Hazard 2 would be the way to go...

Thank you for playing my game and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.



(Also, apologies for the late reply, I went away for a month - which is totally no excuse)

I'm working on a berzerk retro remake - An open source that was stopped, to add new features. But wanted to combine with Hazard as a sequel.. Just an idea. 

Love the diver aspect - Always a fan of open-world and free choice especially impacting others and the environment/nature. Fantastic features and depth in this game , have you played endless ocean on the WII?

Are you open to commissions or requests?

I was thinking about using this open source for a berzerk in 2d which zap's you into Hazard, just an idea



I have tried a couple of times to send a payment for this, but PayPal keeps giving me an 'unable to process your payment at this time' error, don't know if it is something on my end, but I paid a different dev minutes before, so maybe check if your settings are okay.

Berzerk is a massive favourite, so I really want to pay for what looks like a quality homage.

I go away for a month and what happens? 

Not one but two comments! Awesome!

Unfortunately I would love to say that it was something on my side (I have a guilty conscience, like to take the blame)

but I have had other payments through. Not exactly at the same time as you though, so could be was having an issue with my account.

Anyway, I have had payments since, so if you wouldn't mind trying again that would be great!

Alternatively, you can make direct payments through paypal using

Either way,  thank you so much for playing my game and taking the time to comment.